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Rafe Nauen Consultancy

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We are born to be loyal to the system we find ourselves in, hence recognizing how much we do things like our own parents did - even if they were absent! Even if we didn't like it! Remarkable. And Fixable! Mostly I use the constellation model in my work - I get feedback from clients I saw 10 years ago, who still relate the change in their life's journey to the constellation they did back then. Some of my clients are neuro-diverse, and some are young with adverse childhood experiences too.

Loyalty - Humans are designed to be loyal to the system they were born into - not always a perfect solution!
I like biscuits, and when I go to the supermarket, I will buy some. But I never buy all the biscuits on offer, just the ones I like, or suit ME. That does not make me disloyal to the supermarket - it makes me loyal to ME.
And the same is true of my family - I can be loyal to the aspects of my history that suit ME, but not all!

What can be done? - well there are several methodologies availbale here, but my main certainty is that the expert in your life is YOU - my job if I am asked to help is to help you see the hidden dynamics you are carrying

I work Face to face (1-2-1), in group workshops (click events above), online and I can attend pre-existing groups to facilitate your workshops

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This book deals with the general principles of Constellation work and explains how the sessions work. I use sentences to help clients adjust the tensions they experience in relationships, and this book is an amalgam of those ideas. It is meant to stimulate ideas about what one might say for instance, to the child of a mother who had died in childbirth.