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EFT (Emotional freedom Technique or tapping) is a method by which you can safely access those deep seated emotional traumas often laid down in very early childhood - even in the womb, or perhaps even in ancestry. This gentle method elicits the memory, and follows the issue to its source by gently tapping (tapping on the meridian points enables the subconscious to be alerted, and by repeated short statements that access the issues and enable them to shift into positives, or to erase them. Often these early subconscious ideas are there to protect us or to manage difficulty, but as life goes on thse strategies become at best redundant, and at worst downright useless! Tapping can be used safely and effectively to clear these memories.

The addition of Matrix Reimprinting enables us to reframe experiences from the past, and shift the memory of an event to a safer place, where it no longer affects us adversely.

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