Inga Klovaite and Rafe Nauen have pooled their skills and experience together to offer you a service called


How does this work?

The session will be held over the phone or online via your chosen medium (Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Teams etc)

But first there is a setup session where you are going to tell us a bit about yourself and the problem(s) you are dealing with,
be it your health or a negative believe that is not serving you.
It could be also about someone you love, or someone you know, who cannot help themselves.

After we gather enough information, we'll 'thank you' and then set out on to a morphic journey into the energy field of the problem or the trauma - a shamanic journey. We follow the links back in time until we find a moment or an event when the decisions that changed everything were made (it could be any time during your lifetime or beyond).

Clearing the problem happens through resourcing those 'soul parts' and not through changing the past. When the source of the issue is no longer there, then the whole timeline and even your DNA might 'adjust' itself to the new version of you. Many times clients can feel a significant energy shift after the session (and may feel quite tired as a consequence)
It will take us around 2+ hours for the whole session and the charge is £300.
After the session you will receive a report of the happenings we witnessed during the session and the outcomes.
To start the journey, click on the button below and fill in a brief form and tell us the best time to contact you.


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