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Habits are often a means to avoid the current state, and dib out of this moment. Looking into early life, and things that happened and finding a place for them often relieves the tension in daily life, and the need to avoid today begins to evaporate. Habits and addictions change, and you get to choose every moment more easily


Smoking why? smokescreen? habit? look wiser? Hypnotherapy enables the subconscious (That’s the bit that says “I need a cigarette”) and the conscious (That’s the bit that says “its bad for you, why not see a hypnotherapist!!”) to communicate and come … Continue reading

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Alcohol, as we come towards Christmas will play a disproportionate part of many peoples lives. So, why do we drink? to escape to remove obstacles in our psyche to self medicate to relieve depression in some cases, people will get … Continue reading

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