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Constellation on energy

 Hello and good morning Rafe, I just want to thank you for the opportunity to present an issue on Tuesday. As these things go I’ve been aware of how my energy has shifted, feeling lighter, and flowing instead of stagnating … Continue reading

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Constellation – Family issues

I booked a session with Rafe because I am struggling with a new health diagnosis which I felt was connected to a stressful situation within my family. The benefit of having this family constellation is that I now don’t need … Continue reading

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Constellations workshops

“Thank you very much 🙂 Yes, I got a lot out of the workshop on Sunday. And a little bit of feedback for you, from first thing on Monday morning, following the workshop, my daughter, Holly has been a very … Continue reading

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Repeated Patterns

Repeated Patterns Are you finding that you seem to always attract the same partner? The answer is very likely in the hidden dynamics of your system, and there are tools to help you. call me now on 07889 523164 to … Continue reading

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Smoking why? smokescreen? habit? look wiser? Hypnotherapy enables the subconscious (That’s the bit that says “I need a cigarette”) and the conscious (That’s the bit that says “its bad for you, why not see a hypnotherapist!!”) to communicate and come … Continue reading

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Alcohol, as we come towards Christmas will play a disproportionate part of many peoples lives. So, why do we drink? to escape to remove obstacles in our psyche to self medicate to relieve depression in some cases, people will get … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Blog

This is a place to find out about the work that I do, and how it might help you to unravel the hidden dynamics in your systems – internal and external!

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