Constellation – Family issues

I booked a session with Rafe because I am struggling with a new health diagnosis which I felt was connected to a stressful situation within my family. The benefit of having this family constellation is that I now don’t need to go and confront any of the family members as the energy around it has been shifted through the grid work. I can now see the whole picture clearly and with Rafe’s wisdom and guidance I was able to gently repositioned myself in my family grid in a more empowered, less stressful position. I felt instant relief from this and it has stayed with me and makes absolute sense in my family history. This was a very timely process that took little effort and had instant results!

If anyone is looking for instant results, trustworthy support and clear explanations I would recommend Rafe’s service without a doubt. I felt comfortable and relaxed in his room and he explained the process and the importance of the family constellation and showed me a diagram to make things clearer. It wasn’t just about Rafe’s wisdom and knowledge though, it was how the grid work made sense to me straight away and so the results were instant and I was given time to really feel the truth of my situation so I could embody the results for lasting effect.

This powerful work is worth every penny. I came away with peace of mind and feel a step closer on my road to recovery. Thank you Rafe.


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