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“Thank you very much 🙂 Yes, I got a lot out of the workshop on Sunday. And a little bit of feedback for you, from first thing on Monday morning, following the workshop, my daughter, Holly has been a very different little girl. The main change is that she is expressing her love in a very vocal and frequent way, in a way that she has never done before. Frequent exclamations of “mummy, I LOVE you !! ” accompanied by flinging her arms around me, at least 10 times a day, every day !! I have been responding with equally as heartfelt and intimate gestures and words of love. I can feel that the orders of love have become restored in a very obvious way, certainly between myself and my daughter. Talk about immediate and obvious results !!” Joanne

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  1. rnuser says:

    I found the Family Constellation workshop a deeply moving experience. I enjoyed working with the other people at the workshop and Rafe was a wise and sensitive facilitator. The Family Constellation workshop enabled me to face, deal with (at a subconscious level) and resolve an issue with my sister (without my sister being present). It has changed my perception of the way I view things and I am free to live my life in a different and healthier way. I will no longer be loyal to an energy or idea which has probably been passed through my family for generations and has caused upset for many. By letting go of the (loyalty) need to control another in this way, my sister and I are free. Saving myself much suffering. I now feel like I can walk in to a fresh new future without the baggage of the past. I can now design my own destiny, not doomed to play out the past issues over and over. I am free 🙂

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