Constellation on energy

 Hello and good morning Rafe,

I just want to thank you for the opportunity to present an issue on Tuesday. As these things go I’ve been aware of how my energy has shifted, feeling lighter, and flowing instead of stagnating and feeling stuck in day to day life. What I’m feeling most is this awareness of myself , having a self , a sense of self ,something that I’ve not had for a long time. What comes to mind and heart are the words and way you set up the constellation whereby everyone is facing forward with the support of our ancestors behind. I woke up this morning and realised that sense of looking forward, something that feels so inspiring to me because for the longest time I’ve experienced energetic blocks to that. So thank you very much for supporting me to have this awareness and shift in what was a deep and important constellation. I was impressed how in a such a short piece of time such meaningful information could come forth.  I watch for the unfoldings and the inspiration given me .  Bless you




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Constellation – Family issues

I booked a session with Rafe because I am struggling with a new health diagnosis which I felt was connected to a stressful situation within my family. The benefit of having this family constellation is that I now don’t need to go and confront any of the family members as the energy around it has been shifted through the grid work. I can now see the whole picture clearly and with Rafe’s wisdom and guidance I was able to gently repositioned myself in my family grid in a more empowered, less stressful position. I felt instant relief from this and it has stayed with me and makes absolute sense in my family history. This was a very timely process that took little effort and had instant results!

If anyone is looking for instant results, trustworthy support and clear explanations I would recommend Rafe’s service without a doubt. I felt comfortable and relaxed in his room and he explained the process and the importance of the family constellation and showed me a diagram to make things clearer. It wasn’t just about Rafe’s wisdom and knowledge though, it was how the grid work made sense to me straight away and so the results were instant and I was given time to really feel the truth of my situation so I could embody the results for lasting effect.

This powerful work is worth every penny. I came away with peace of mind and feel a step closer on my road to recovery. Thank you Rafe.


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Constellations workshops

“Thank you very much 🙂 Yes, I got a lot out of the workshop on Sunday. And a little bit of feedback for you, from first thing on Monday morning, following the workshop, my daughter, Holly has been a very different little girl. The main change is that she is expressing her love in a very vocal and frequent way, in a way that she has never done before. Frequent exclamations of “mummy, I LOVE you !! ” accompanied by flinging her arms around me, at least 10 times a day, every day !! I have been responding with equally as heartfelt and intimate gestures and words of love. I can feel that the orders of love have become restored in a very obvious way, certainly between myself and my daughter. Talk about immediate and obvious results !!” Joanne

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Repeated Patterns

Repeated Patterns

Are you finding that you seem to always attract the same partner? The answer is very likely in the hidden dynamics of your system, and there are tools to help you.

call me now on 07889 523164

to discuss how you might effect some changes

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look wiser?

Hypnotherapy enables the subconscious (That’s the bit that says “I need a cigarette”) and the conscious (That’s the bit that says “its bad for you, why not see a hypnotherapist!!”) to communicate and come to an understanding.

3 sessions is invariably enough, and you choose when they occur!

call now on 07889 523164

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Alcohol, as we come towards Christmas will play a disproportionate part of many peoples lives.

So, why do we drink?

  1. to escape
  2. to remove obstacles in our psyche
  3. to self medicate
  4. to relieve depression

in some cases, people will get hurt, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, and in most studies the positive effects are very short term whilst the negative effects are often extremely long term.

One session here will show the root cause of the need to consume more than enough, and half a dozen sessions will set you on a new path

Call me now – 07889 523164

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Rafe’s Blog

This is a place to find out about the work that I do, and how it might help you to unravel the hidden dynamics in your systems – internal and external!

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