Constellation workshops

You've probably been recommended to come on a Family Constellation Therapy Workshop by someone who has witnessed this amazing work

I am not the expert in anyone else's life. I simply facilitate a process where you see the whole of the system you are looking at (maybe family of origin) and get a much clearer idea of the map. That way things slot into place in a fundamental way. Check out the testimonials page

This workshop can help you feel like you are the most important person in your own world. When that happens, you can start to manage your life feeling empowered and healthy

This is an experiential workshop where other participants can represent family members, symptoms of illnesses and pretty much anything that pertains to being part of a family.

"Although there was no major resolution in my own constellation this time, I gained a much better understanding of what had happened with my brother and my Dad. This was really helpful, and in a way provided the information, the missing pieces of the jigsaw, that I'd been searching for.
I am fascinated by how it seems to work. It seems to me to highlight the emotions of those involved in an archetypal way, so that what we find ourselves re-living, whilst not exactly what happened, representing the basic emotional truth." Sioned

If you need further information, why not get the book Family Constellations; Unravelling the Mystery, by Rafe Nauen - under £5 on Kindle or paperback incl P&P

The work has been widely researched, and enables people to fit into their world much better. Life events over which people appear to have no control, take on a whole new understanding that just reduces the normal stresses of being alive at this particular moment. Please call me on 01332 232756 to discuss how this work might help you, and to book a place.

All work is conducted in a safe and confidential manner.

The workshop is £70, but there are concessions available on a first come first served basis. Earn a £20 discount by just coming as a representative
Call Rafe NOW on 01332 232756 or 07889 523164 to book

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